Stroller Accessory Strap HolderToys Saver Fixed Bind Belt Toy Baby Anti-Drop Hanger Belt Lanyard Car Seat

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Perfect Stroller Accessory for Your Babies Favorite Toy, Teether Baby Rattle, or Pacifier!

Our toy leashes come in super cute designs that make these the perfect accessory for your stroller, highchair or carseat. Tired of having your babies toys, teethers and pacifiers fall on the floor? These toy savers make sure nothing gets lost again.  They come with nickle free adjustable snaps that can be made to fit the perfect length.  Your baby or toddler is going to love the cute and adorable patterns and stylish designs. We provide the finest quality stroller accessories and pride ourselves on customer service. We are mom made business!

The Perfect Stroller Accessory!

Toy leashes for your attaching anything of your babies to your stroller highchair or carseat. These toy leashes will fit practically anything from your babies favorite toy, sippy cup, baby bottle or teether we guarantee this is one of those must have baby items.  We have sold thousands of these toy straps to satisfied mom's all around the world.

Still Thinking To Decide About Whether to Buy Hnybaby Toy Straps? 

• super cute character designs

• Adjustabe nickle free snaps

• Length can be adjusted for comfortable and workable size to fit strollers, carseats and highchairs

• Perfect for baby or toddlers toys, teethers, pacifiers or sippy cups

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